Global Procurement Services

Do you need to source raw material, components or finished goods abroad to keep costs low? We can be your purchasing agent. We handle your international sourcing needs from start to finish.

Our Guarantee

When your choose to work with us, we’ll give you a sample product search with no obligation to proceed or upfront costs.

Most purchases can also be covered with a performance insurance for the supplier’s end, so if anything at all on the product you ordered is not as requested. You’ll be refunded.

You can get start with no obligation by contacting us.

The purchasing process

Every client have specific needs, but as a general rule, we follow this guideline to ensure that every purchase order is fulfilled accordingly.

  1. Specify in detail our client’s target product
  2. Search the market for qualified suppliers (including certifications or registrations like FDA, FCC and others).
  3. Negotiate pricing terms with the suppliers
  4. Present options to our client
  5. Request sample from approved supplier
  6. If sample if approved, proceed to purchase order
  7. Follow-up production and shipping
  8. Clear customs
  9. Final delivery, inspection and approval.

Do you want to get started? Contact us.

Global Procurement Brochure (56 downloads)
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