Business Analysis

Our business analysis service involves a detailed review of the business’ operations, including Sales, finance, operations, manufacturing, warehousing, shipping, IT and more.

Avoid costly mistakes

It’s said that there are two ways to learn:

  • Learn from your own mistakes; or
  • Learn from somebody else’s mistakes.

There’s no doubt that learning from what others have already made is the best option. You can avoid whatever they have done wrong, and capitalize on the right calls. A Business Analysis will take into consideration your business’ goals and evaluate what’s in good shape in the current operation or what needs a change.

What output should be expected

The Business Analysis service will yield a highly detailed report, presented by our team at the end of the service. The report is fully data-driven, from information within and outside the business. The business will also be benchmarked with the competition, for a real competitive analysis.

Who should do a Business Analysis?

This service is recommended for all business-types and we recommend it to be executed every 2 or 3 years, whenever big changes or strategic plans are being produced. Our ideal client has annual sales of over $ 1 Million and more than 50 employees. That’s not a rule, however.

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