Template budget spreadhseet

Business Budget Spreadsheet

We’re officially launching our YouTube channel and our first series will be a short introduction on how to make your business annual budget from scratch. You can download the template budget file below.

Shanghai, China

How to find China wholesale products

Finding good China wholesale deals isn’t pretty much difficult. The real deal is about handling the transaction is a secure way, so the big savings do end as unrecoverable losses. In this article you will learn how to go shopping in the world’s factory. A brief overview When you start looking for China wholesale offers, you…
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Strategic Planning: A Practical Process

Strategic planning can be found in three forms within organizations: The ones without a plan; other with a plan hidden in a drawer; and the very small part that actually plan and follow up. This article will give you insight on how to build a practical and usable strategic plan for your organization. Do I…
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Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement vs. Vision Statement

Most organizations make confusion about these two topics. But in this article, we’re going to clarify the difference between the Mission Statement and the Vision Statement, so you can have a clear distinction about than and their importance. What’s that about? Both the Mission Statement and the Vision Statement are used during the planing of…
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Cost Saving

Cost Saving – Improve your Business’ Efficiency

The marketplace is extremely competitive, no matter your industry. Keeping costs under control are a key aspect of any major business endeavor. But what exactly is cost saving? The main aspect of cost saving The most important thing you should consider about cost saving is keeping the same product/service quality level, but with a lower…
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